Professional software for osteopathy clinics. 

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invoices, agenda, economic reports, mutual management, collection management...


list of anamnesis and pathologies by joints, tests linked to each pathology, image of the human body to draw the painful area of the patient, graphics which reflect and visualize the evolution of the patient per session, Advisor to diagnosis, statistical treatment of the clinical data of the patient, osteopathic diagnosis... Save all kinds of complementary tests in image format, such as x-rays, reports, photographs,... Generate a report with the clinical data for the patient.


notice of appointments via SMS and/or email, defined by type patients waiting list urgent, number of days in advance, morning and/or afternoon...


Tags, email and/or SMS management for the promotion of commercial clinic according to different parameters: patients who don't have appointments in a range of dates, whether they are male or female, population, by disease, by age,...


anamnesis, test, diseases, treatments, evolution,...

A SINGLE CLICK! IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THEIR WORK: Advisor diagnosis, statistics, graph of evolution...


See and add new appointments on your calendar from anywhere, via a computer, mobile phone, PDA or any device with Internet access.

Agenda Local Agenda visual featuresconfigurable in schedules and appointments, for each physiotherapist time intervals. View agenda one day, viewing all quotations of specialists of the clinic, view 5,6 and 7 days. Appointments from the calendar options: login, modify appointment, delete appointment, cancel appointment, close quote, charge quotation, see data of the patient of the appointment and block schedules. It allows to create massive quotes by ranges of dates and times. It generates a file in pdf format, with the appointments of the agenda to be able to send it by e-mail. You can assign General notes for each day of each professional. Indicator of whether it has new appointments pending Web download. Option to send quotations from their local agenda the agenda online, and download new appointments made from the Web. Sending notices of appointments to patients via SMS and/or E-mail (cost SMS not included) features agenda Web online access with your username and password to the online calendar, where you can see appointments that are assigned to each professional. It also has the option to add new appointments, create new patients and post comments to their appointments, which subsequently can be downloaded at your local agenda. You can access your Web calendar from any device with Internet connection: laptop computers, electronic organizers (PDAs), mobile phones,...

Features of the management of collection management collection from the appointment or of client: You can collect all the different concepts that need: sessions, vitamins, bandages,... Management of mutual authorization for each patient. Control of remaining sessions. Option of direct billing from collection management. Sessions conducted, receivable session control, consultation of economic performance. You can perform all these queries between dates, by client and by physical therapist. You can cancel fees, cancel appointments... You can manage sessions bonds. Functionalities of the invoicing can be billed to individuals, representative of minors, and insurance companies / mutual. Billing session to session for each client or can be grouped into the same Bill hearings pertaining to a specific time interval. You can create several series of billing. Consultations between dates, by series, by client of the invoiced total, the total number charged and the pending payment. You can void invoices, print invoices and print a summary of billing to deliver your tax advisor. Option of inserting your logo in invoice format.

Features of the session clinic tab of the patient: machine code, name, address, date birth and high, profession, telephone, mail, tax, mutual identification, bank account, observations, alert, check the sessions he has done,... In the session can select or create a new source of patient consultation, date home medical condition, side, method of evolution, comments. Each reason for inquiry can display the dates of the sessions that have been treated. Management of medical history, can select or create new pathologies of the patient, and enter the date of onset of the disease. You can assign to each reason for consultation: the anamnesis, the performed tests, diagnosis and the treatments carried out. Of all these options, you can create your own tests, diagnoses, treatments and anamnesis. He has a record dates of observations. It has an image in front and behind the human body, to draw the complaints of the patient or the directions you need. It has a option to indicate the extent to articulate each joint with values between-360 ° up to 360 °. It will have a graph of each joint to visualize the different variations. You can indicate the patient per session, represented in a graph. Option to save supplementary evidence: photographs, x-rays, the patient reports,... Generation of a fully configurable report with the session information.

The option Marketing features:  Since this option from their patient list, product groups in particular to: perform a printing of labels, with the name of the patient and address. Send SMS with a message defined by the user, having the option to customize it with the name and surname of the patient in an automatic way. Sending email with a message defined by the user, having the option to customize it with the name and surname of the patient in an automatic way. You can export the list of addresses of mail of their patients to perform a mass-mailer from another application. The search criteria that you can use are as follows: patients to that between a range of dates have not had appointments in consultation. Patients that between a range of dates if you had quotes in the query. Filter by sex: male or female. Filter by population of the patient. Filter by its tab options: SMS advertising, advertising mailing, notice of appointment SMS and EMAIL appointment notice. (The cost of SMS and/or email completo messages are not included in the cost of services and licensing of Sixthfinger S.L., engage themselves to an operator of these services).

The ANTI-ABSENTISMO module features: Notice of appointments option allows you to send SMS and/or email completo patients who have cited to a date in particular massively, keeping track of the date of sending of the message. In this way you can manage with advance notice to their patients. Waiting list option allows you to make appointments to patients and at the same time included in the waiting list by saving the preferences that your patient has to overtake the appointment when you have a free hole. Preferences that can be registered for each appointment of patient are: degree of urgency (from 0 to 5), days in advance to warn the patient to change the appointment, time preference (indifferent, morning and afternoon) and observations that can enter any comment. This way it may have managed without forgetfulness their waiting list, and when you have a hole in the agenda, will quickly find a patient to fill it. (The cost of SMS and/or email completo messages are not included in the cost of services and licensing of Sixthfinger S.L., engage themselves to an operator of these services).

The module OsteoDiagnostic Osteopathic It allows you to register all lesions Osteopathic of his patient with one click. Work effectively can interact on a drawing of the human skeleton with viscera. When you click on a joint, cranial bone or viscera, opens a small window that shows you all the injuries Osteopathic that can have that joint (cranial bone or viscera). They are marked lesions that has our patient and is registered in the side box and drawing with different color. Written and visual reminder of the injury of our patient, in the clinical history for upcoming sessions. REMINDER TO ALL POSSIBLE LESIONS OSTEOPATHIC AND HANDLING STATISTIC OF THIS INFORMATION. We can make scientific studies type, for example: in all patients with lumbar hernia, few have a hip post? (This module is exclusive to OsteoDiagnostic)

Features module oxygen therapy: Hyperbaric chamber can register all information relating to the sessions of treatments with hyperbaric chambers: · Date · Time of session · Rise time of pressure · Isopresion time, · Decay time of pressure, · Pressure rise, · Consumption of oxygen, · Blood pressure before and after, · Heart rate before and after, · Observations · Evolution of the patient. This evolution is shown by a chart. There is also a timer control. (This module is optional)

Other features: Clinical data management. Management of IVA's. Professional data management. Management of billing concepts or sale items. Change of logo to invoices. The data source. Details of the license and the software version. Backup, date of completion and user control. User management: can create user with permissions, or only permission for Administration (administrative, patient data, calendar...) Changes of passwords. Notice of preparation of weekly backups. Adapted to allow compliance with the law of protection of personal data (Data Protection Act). Does not include the registration of files in the data protection agency, nor all the necessary documentation for compliance with the law. It logs the management of a clinic. Automatic updates of the software via download from the Sixthfinger Web server. Private Web has 160 videos of consultation and its corresponding description, of how various physiotherapeutic tests, classified by different regions of the human body are carried out (hip, shoulder, cervical, lumbar,...).


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