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FisioShop It is a shop dedicated to selling material of physiotherapy and rehabilitation: tens, electrodes, bandages and pelvic floor equipment, conductive cream and much more... founded in 2011.

The Mission of FisioShop is offering and online sales of material and specific machinery for physicians and physiotherapists world. Also, advice and Assembly of clinics and hospitals in regard to the type of material that sells Fisioshop. The management of Fisioshop by doctors and physiotherapists is an added value that distinguishes Fisioshop from other similar websites, because it guarantees the quality and usefulness of the products; It also allows our customers to obtain professional advice on the relevance of purchasing a product based on your needs and on its mode of use.

The FisioShop values are reflected in that is attached and is governed by the code of ethics of trust online. In addition we are Responsible company.

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