Advantages for distributors and healthcare professionals.


  • Budgets tailored to professionals.

If you're thinking of mounting a new clinic or renew your material to tell us what need you and you do a custom budget by adjusting the maximum prices.

  • Technical assistance qualified for electromedical equipment.

If you damaged your FisioShop team we have technical specialists to support you.

  • Discount 5% for registered physiotherapists and 20% for distributors.

Dealers who request it will benefit from a 20% discount on all purchases made at FisioShop.

Physiotherapists who request it will benefit from a 5% discount on all purchases made at FisioShop.

For the purpose of benefiting from the discount, it is necessary to contact us so that we apply them discount: calling the 902054265 or by sending us an email to
(Discounts apply on prices without taxes).

Discount on licensed medical professionals and physiotherapists will be always applied to the holder thereof and in no event to third parties.

Data for the invoice of the order must always be the name of the owner of the discount or the company which exercised their activity.

Discounts are not applicable under any circumstances to shipping costs or commissions against possible refund generated if we choose this as a form of payment, nor generated commissions of payment via PayPal.