Increasingly companies and other organizations that want their operations to be sustainable, and the idea that the long-term profitability should go the hand of social justice and the protection of the environment is also gaining ground. Such expectations will continue growing and gaining intensity as capital providers, customers and other stakeholders of the companies and organizations understand that it is necessary to adopt a truly sustainable economic model.

The elaboration of memoirs of sustainability helps organizations set goals, measure performance and manage change in order that their operations are more sustainable. Sustainability reports contain information about the incidence of organizations, whether positive or negative, on the environment, society and the economy. In this way, memories make the abstract concrete and tangible and therefore help to understand and manage the consequences in terms of sustainability innovations have on each organization's strategy and activities.

According to international levels and measurement systems favors the accessibility and comparability of the information that is included in the memoirs of sustainability and, therefore, improves the quality of information to interest groups to take the relevant decisions.

[Source: Foreword by the GRI 4.1 Manual]

Fisioshop in its commitment to Corporate Social responsibility and sustainability is signatory company of the 10 principles of the Global Compact of the UN.

Following the guidelines of this, publish the Letter of accession signed by the Director General of Fisioshop D. Manuel Elías Moro.

Fisioshop anger by publishing on the web its reports of progress or sustainability reports.