NeuroTrac MyoPlus 4 Bluetooth


Stimulator 2 channels EMG biofeedback, NMS (Stimulator) and 4ch channel 2 STD. Includes 8 adhesive electrodes and bluetooth wireless kit.

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By buying this product you can collect up to 74 loyalty points. Your cart will total 74 points that can be converted into a voucher of 14,80 EUR.

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  • The device of biofeedback / ETS / stimulation Classic is a suitable tool to make training and assess the patient's evolution.

  • Pre-set programs for the treatment of incontinence, sporty and muscular development and neuromuscular rehabilitation.

  • Specially designed for portable device serve for physiotherapists. Suitable for personal training in a clinic or at home (with guidance).

  • Two-channel EMG)biofeedback) combined with 4 channels of NMES (stimulation).

  • Two ETS (stimulation induced by EMG) channels with stimulation in 4 channels.

  • Simple operation of one or multiple phases: the multiple phase allows you to combine EMG/ETS/STIM in one program.

  • LCE multilingual display and voice prompts for biofeedback.

  • Manual and automatic control of threshold.

  • Biofeedback between stimulation (indication of fatigue) and muscle activity when the muscle stimulation is used.

  • Standalone device that can also be used with established multilingual programs.

  • Now with Bluetooth connectivity! The unit shipped up to 10 meters wireless data to the computer program. For home users: generates and prints comprehensive daily reports on the evolution of the patient offering readings (2-channel) of the averages for activity/rest, maximum values, time of onset and relaxation of muscle contraction, deviations of activity and rest, and mA average current (with optional software).

  • It serves both learning tool for the patient as for the clinician, with an emphasis on the improvement of the therapeutic techniques during the use of EMG and neuromuscular stimulation.

  • Requires four AA batteries (no need connection to the mains)



  • Dual channel EMG
  • EMG range: from 0.2 to 2000 μV RMS (extended)
  • Sensitivity: 0, l μV RMS
  • Accuracy: 4% of μV +/-0.3 microvolts at 200 Hz
  • Band selective filter: wide band 3dB,
    • a wide: 18 Hz +/-4 Hz up to 370 Hz +/-10% of the indices under 235 microvolts. 10 Hz +/-3 Hz up to 370 Hz +/-10% higher than 235 microvolt indices
    • b. close: 100 Hz +/-5% up to 370 Hz +/-10%
  • Notch filter: 50 Hz (for Canada - 60 Hz) - 33 dB (0, 1% accuracy)
  • Coefficient of decrease of the signal cofasica: minimum 130 dB @ 50 Hz
  • Periods of work / rest: 2-99 seconds
  • Number of trials: 1-99


  • 4 - channel Stimulator.
  • Amplitude: 0-90 mA 500 ohm load - mA real if will be lower than that specified by electrode impedance: 1000 ohm load (electrodes in poor condition) if the maximum value will be limited by 75 mA, in the event of a 1500 ohm load the maximum value will be limited by 50 mA.
  • Type: constant current, maximum voltage output 70 volts + 5 / - 10 volts.
  • Type of waveform: symmetrical, rectangular, biphasic with the average electrical zero constant current
  • Selectable pulse width: 50-450 μs (2% accuracy)
  • Selection of the pulse frequency: 2-100 Hz (2% accuracy)
  • Periods of work / rest: 2-99 seconds
  • Time from 1-99 minutes
  • Linear acceleration time: 0.1 to 9.9 seconds
  • Present and planned treatment programs
  • Automatic output determination of electrode desconectacion open 0.5 mA.

Connects the low level indicator of energy in the batteries in case if batteries
they have 7.4 volt +/-0.2 volts and if automatic desconectacion
within 4 minutes after pressing the button, in other cases is connected the
infrared signal.

Batteries: charging indication down to 5.4 volts +/-0.2 Volt, off
automatic when the voltage is lower than the low battery indication. Change
immediately the batteries! The device turns off automatically when not in use (energy savings):
for example, if you are configuring parameters and do not press any
button for one minute, it while pacing mode (display of)
Home) and all channels show 0 mA.

Estimated average duration of the batteries (800 mAh standard, alkaline):
a MyoPlus2: 12 to 16 hours in STIM-mode, 25 hours in EMG mode.
b. MyoPlus4: 8 to 16 hours in STIM-mode, 25 hours in EMG mode.

Environment for use conditions:
De+10 to + 30 degrees Celsius. Humidity 0 - 90%.

Storage and transport conditions:
From - 10 to + 50 degrees Celsius. 0 - 90% humidity.

Physical dimensions:
Dimensions: Length 150 mm, width 96 mm, 36 mm Fund

Unit MyoPlus4: 0.16 kg (without battery)
A battery: apx. 0.2 kg


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