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SKIN-DES colorless 200ML



Antiseptic for skin healthy. Alcoholic solution, suitable for antisepsis of the skin healthy and clean before surgical procedures and interventions.

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Application areas:

Prior to punctures, injections and surgery. Skin - des inactive® resident and transient germs from the skin. We recommend Skin - des® for professionals who prefer the alcoholic solutions, since they possess a broad spectrum of action and efficacy.

The requirements are the same as that in the antisepsis of the hands, both the resident flora and transient flora should be treated with prophylactic means to prevent cross-infection.
We have colored solution and colour depending on the needs and the procedure to be carried out.

Antisepsis fast, safe and effective disinfection and antisepsis.
Applicable also for the hygienic and surgical hand antisepsis.

Presurgical: rub by keeping the skin moist for 3 min.
Prior to injections: rub during 15 sec by keeping the skin moist.
Prior to the puncture: for oily skin little rub for 1 min and very oily rub
during 10 min.

100 contains:
70% Isopropanol; 0.1% of 1,3-butandiol.

Spectrum of efficiency:
• Antibacterial (inc. TB).
• Fungicide.
• Inactivating virus (inc. HBV, HCV, HIV).

Physical and chemical characteristics:
• Appearance: clear, colorless liquid (Orange tone in the colored solution).
• Perfume: Aroma pleasing.
• pH: 6-8.
• Density: 0, 876 g/cm3 (20 ° C).
• Inflammation: 21.5 ° C
• Viscosity: < 50m Pa·s (20 ° C).
1L, 5L, 10L and 200ml spray bottles.


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