Frequently asked questions

Through the shop online is the best option, so we can have all their correct data for the purpose of avoiding possible mistakes, make returns quickly, send updates and announcements, etc.
From €20, (plus taxes and transportation) product, for special material or orders special not contained in the catalogue of the web. In the same way and for reasons obvious case the mounting of a clinic or hospital will combine the phone with email and even the personal visit to the customer's premises.
Fisioshop uses the "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) It is an encrypted channel and operates through the server's authentication with your bank. By Fisioshop do not pass any banking data. The information is transmitted through a certified secure connection server. Fisioshop is also attached to the seal of "Confidence online" which guarantees the security, transparency and reliability of the web.

We also inform you that in an effort to provide greater security to the owners of credit cards, we have incorporated into our payment gateway called secure payment system CES (secure e-commerce).

Fisioshop uses a secure transmission method "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) to process the customer's data. The information transmitted with the "SSL" is encrypted before being sent. Moreover Fisioshop is duly registered with the data protection agency, following all the rules of treatment of data that is governed by law. Fisioshop also features advice from PRODAT, LOPD management company.
The characteristics of the products are derived from sheet of them provided by the manufacturer, which is also approved by the CE. Therefore, if features suited to the product.
Fisioshop works with various manufacturers and suppliers according to the material concerned (stretchers, creams, etc.). Fisioshop requires them to have all documentation in order and according to the laws in force. In addition all products must have the CE mark.
Yes it is possible. If you wish to make a gift to a third party or a company with delegations. The buying process gives you the option of choosing the appropriate box and insert other directions. Invoice will be sent you in your own order to the alternative address or mail to the primary address if requested in comments.
The prices shown on Fisioshop specify VAT explicitly.
Fisioshop accepts:

FORMS OF PAYMENT There are various forms of payment the customer can choose: The entire platform of e-commerce of FS is to fit with the law 34/2002, of 11 July, services of the society of the

Information and electronic commerce (LSSI).


You can use the modern and efficient system of Paypal payments to pay your orders in our online store of instantly. If you have an account Paypal it will be easy to make payments on our website. All these payments have a surcharge of 4% Commission applied by Paypal.

The order will have an extra charge of 4% to the total of your invoice PAYPAL Commission. The Commission generated by Paypal will be assumed by the customer and will be explicit to choose Paypal as a payment method. FISIOSHOP does not perceive anything about all of this increase.

POS payment gateway

You can make secure payments through the POS contracted with Banco Sabadell.

In no time your credit card data are reported on the basis of FS but go directly to the POS (Terminal point of sale of the Bank), i.e., communication is made from Bank to bank without any FS interference in it at any time.

Credit card Visa or Mastercard

To pay with VISA or MASTERCARD request you always the following data: the card number, expiration date, and a validation code that coincides with the last 3 digits of the number printed in italics on the back of your VISA or MASTERCARD card, offering, in this way, further guarantees about the security of the transaction.

ALL transactions on FisioShop are 100% safe. Operations involving the transfer of banking data are performed using a secure environment. FisioShop uses a server based on the standard SSL (Secure Socked Layer) security technology. Any information that we transmit travels encrypted over the network.

The same data on your credit card are not registered in any database but they go directly to the POS (Terminal point of sale of the Bank), i.e., communication is made from Bank to bank without any intervention therein at any time.

We also inform you that in an effort to provide greater security to the owners of credit cards, we have incorporated into our payment gateway called secure payment system CES (secure e-commerce). Thus, if it is a "secured" card holder always You can make payments with VISA or MASTERCARD at our store. This method of payment does not have any Commission or charge

Bank transfer.

You can pay by bank transfer to the account whose details are listed below. When the transfer on the concept you must indicate the name of who placed the order and the order number MANDATORY. Once proven effective Bank FS shall transfer, the order will be sent and not before.

It is convenient to send us proof of the transfer by E-mail to As a measure of security, if you send us an e mail of confirmation of the transfer, and after five days, not figure the FS account membership, we will contact you to confirm that no error has occurred in the sending of the transfer.

Remember that you must make payment in EUROS and any commissions exchange and banking are paid by the customer to opt for this method.

National transfers.

Beneficiary: FISIOSHOP (INVERIMPORTA, S.L.) CIF. B-52531274, C/C++: IS 67 - 0081 5307 70 0001192720

International transfers.

Beneficiary: FISIOSHOP (INVERIMPORTA, S.L.) CIF. B-52531274

IBAN: IS 67 SWIFT CODE: BSABESBB C/C++: 0081 5307 70 0001192720

For orders in the peninsula FS guarantees delivery to the carrier at no more than 72 hours of all those orders which are formed before 13:00 (Spanish time), provided that they are in stock, and unless they are made on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and there is no force majeure that prevent it. It has to take into account that the time limits are computed on weekdays and can be altered by local or national holidays. And remember, if the chosen form of payment is Bank transfer, will not be the shipment of the order until we have Bank confirmation of the transfer.
Orders to EU and rest of the world have higher delivery times.
Messaging in your country or Messenger service employee attend, usually during office hours, the shipping address.

If there is someone to pick up the order, that person will receive the package and must sign and complete the delivery note, scoring in his name, ID or equivalent and the day of receipt.

If there is none, the carrier will leave a note so that you go to the nearest office to pick up the shipment.

All orders received from Friday at 16.00 hours will be shipped on Monday, to avoid to remain standing in stores that apply during the weekend. Delivery times are approximate and may vary for reasons that are understandable as Christmas, Holy week, strikes, natural disasters, attacks, sabotage and other reasons of force majeure. From the moment in which FISIOSHOP processes the request in private messaging, any delay or incidence will be attributable to the courier company, having complied FISIOSHOP with part of the actions that correspond and not proceeding any claim of any kind against FISIOSHOP. FISIOSHOP will exercise the potential claims against the company responsible for the shipment. It can occur that occasionally a package we be returned as "packet that cannot be delivered". In this case we will contact you to be able to send it back. To avoid these situations, we advise you to indicate your name in the mailbox and the chime corresponds to the delivery address you gave us and to also indicate when you place your order any comments that may be of assistance to facilitate the delivery.

Note: Delivery of large volume goods as stretchers, showcases, clinical furniture, or material of gym, etc, will be held at street, not being included the service stairs, Elevator, etc. Products do not include the installation or Assembly.

IMPORTANT: In the event that it finds, at the time of the delivery by the carrier, flaws in the compliance or that the merchandise is visibly damaged, should be noted on the delivery note of the carrier that made and put it in knowledge of Fisioshop immediately or within 24 hours of the receipt of the goods to the Department of after-sales service of Fisioshop. In any case you should check that the goods have been delivered in perfect condition and it is recommended to always put on the delivery of the carrier, EXCEPT FOR EXAMINATION IN ACCORDANCEto subsequently claim since otherwise the carrier gives as the receipt of the product.

Once the payment is confirmed, we started to deal with it immediately; as soon as the order leaves the warehouse of FS It is no longer possible to cancel it or modify it. If your order has not had come out of our stores, contact us by e mail, phone, etc., stating your order number and the changes that you want to perform.
FS Customer Service Department has a customer service to solve any problems with items or shipments, through which we try to offer our customers a fast and effective care.

Any return without the prior consent of Fisioshop will not be accepted.

You may only return a product received in case of:

Due to breakage of transport:

Returns will be accepted by break within 24 hours upon receipt and if shown on the delivery of transport.

If when you receive your order are not satisfied, you have a period of fourteen (14) calendar days, counted from the date of receipt to execute the right of refund.

Product should be perfectly packed and protected to avoid damage of otherwise or the insurance carrier or FS shall be liable for the damage caused, being sole and exclusive responsibility of the customer. And in return should include also manuals, accessories or freebies included in your case.

Upon receipt of the merchandise in our stores, and subject to verification of the State of the same, will be the processing of the return.

Fisioshop management team consists of licensed physiotherapists specialists in various fields and a doctor specializing in Traumatology and orthopedics. That allows Fisioshop to advise clients on many issues require concerning types of devices that best suit your needs, management and use of the same, etc.
In this case please contact us via phone or the web contact form, or, if applicable, arrange a personal visit.